81 Folsetter Drive – Case Study


81 Folsetter Drive, Brantford

81 Folsetter Drive, Brantford

Bryan Faldowski is thrilled to announce the closing of 81 Folsetter Drive in Brantford. A huge thank you to our client Aqua-Pak for trusting our team with the purchase of this 52,000 square foot new build industrial.

Market Scarcity

The Vancouver-based company was looking to open a new location in Ontario. The demand for ownership had never been stronger, which significantly impacted the supply of industrial properties. Finding an older building for sale in this type of climate was a major challenge. Finding a state-of-the-art industrial property was like finding a needle in a haystack.

The client quickly learned they would not be able to find something on their own and decided to engage Colliers to find a local industrial expert. They were put in touch with Team Murry & Faldowski.

The Power of a Large Team

Team Murray Faldowski prides itself on finding opportunities that the public or other agents are unaware of.  With such a large team (i.e. 13 team members) we have the horsepower to make a heavy volume of cold calls, launch e-blasts, and even run digital marketing campaigns that succeed in obtaining quality leads. In addition, we have an extensive network of business professionals whom we have strong relationships with. This network allows us to be introduced to off-market opportunities.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was simple, to use our unique CRM+ database and cold call owners of real estate to try and persuade them to sell. Secondly, we leveraged our existing network of professionals in hopes that they would be able to introduce us to any off-market opportunities for sale.

A Happy Client

Through vigorous marketing and collaboration with our business network, an opportunity for a brand-new industrial building for lease in Brantford was identified. However, our clients were only looking to purchase.  The owners ultimately agreed to sell and our clients were able to move into a brand new building for a lower cost versus other older buildings in other markets.

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